Rochester Civic Theatre | Elf, The Muscial | December 2019

Elf / Bratty Girl at Macy's

Evil Queen

Immersion Youth Repertory | Fractured Fairy Tales | October 2019


Prairie Fire Children's Theatre | Snow White | August 2019​

I just turned 10 years old, and I began acting on stage at age 6.  I live with my parents and two older brothers.  I will someday have a career in film or on stage.

Height: 54"

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Location: Upper Midwest, USA

About Me

Special Skills

I play piano, sing and am in gymnastics.  I'm super flexible and can easily do splits and straddles.  I love swimming, jet skiing, running, soccer, and make-up!  I can easily handle long hours on stage, and I have a valid passport!  My directors and coaches have always given me feedback about how easy I am to work with.


Immersion Youth Repertory| Honk! The Musical Comedy | July 2019

Training & Workshops


Prairie Fire Children's Theatre | Beauty and the Beast | June 2019​

Youngest Orphan

Rochester Civic Theatre | Anne | December 2018​

Private Acting Coaching | Janet B. Milstein | Outschool

     November 2020 to Present

Drama Club for Girls | Allie Delaney | Outschool

     November 2020 to Present

Piano Lessons | Matthew Wilberg

     September 2020 to Present

Theatre Classes | Immersion Youth Repertory

     Musical Theatre Jazz, Kids Improv, Theatre Makeup,       On Broadway

     Summer and Fall 2019

Choir Lessons | Rochester Honors Choir

     Summer of 2019

Theatre Camp | Camp Pillsbury Performance Arts Camp

     Summer of 2018