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I am 11 years old, and I began acting on stage at age 6.  I live with my parents, two older brothers, and 2 sweet dogs.  Although my favorite hobby is acting, I also love to travel and meet new people.  My friends from school and I own a sticker business, making and selling water bottle stickers for charity.

Height: 58"

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Location: Upper Midwest, USA

About Me


Rochester Civic Theatre | Willy Wonka | September 2022

Matilda, Oompa Loompa, Augusta Gloop Understudy


Rochester Civic Theatre | Princess & the Pea | July 2022


Rochester Civic Theatre | Jungle Book | June 2022


Once & Future Classics | Romeo & Juliet: The Musical | May 2022

Gladys Herdman

Rochester Civic Theatre | The Best Christmas Pageant Ever | December 2022

Murdered Girl

Rochester Civic Theatre | Haunted Theatre | October 2021


Rochester Civic Theatre | Charlotte's Web | June 2021

Rochester Civic Theatre | Elf, The Muscial | December 2019

Elf / Bratty Girl at Macy's

Evil Queen

Immersion Youth Repertory | Fractured Fairy Tales | October 2019


Immersion Youth Repertory| Honk! The Musical Comedy | July 2019


Prairie Fire Children's Theatre | Beauty and the Beast | June 2019​

Youngest Orphan

Rochester Civic Theatre | Anne | December 2018​

Special Skills & Talents

I am a natural conversationalist, and can carry on hours of conversation with any stranger I meet.  My friends and family tell me I am oddly fearless and have more self-confidence than most people.  I am obsessed with reading and learning about history, especially that related to WWII.  Many people believe I have lived past lives, because I know "too" much about odd events from the past.  I am quick-witted and have always excelled in improv and cold readings.  I also love singing, and plan to continue mastering voice control, as my voice changes.  

Training & Workshops

Private Acting Coaching | Janet B. Milstein | Outschool

     November 2020 to Present

Drama Club for Girls | Allie Delaney | Outschool

     November 2020 to Present

Piano Lessons | Matthew Wilberg

      January 2018 to 2021

Theatre Classes | Immersion Youth Repertory

     Musical Theatre Jazz, Kids Improv, Theatre Makeup,       On Broadway

     Summer and Fall 2019

Choir Lessons | Rochester Honors Choir


Theatre Camp | Camp Pillsbury Performance Arts Camp

     Summers of 2018, 2019, 2021

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